Michel Lorand




Film, colour, sound, 16’00.

SIGHTLESS is filmed in the heart of the countryside. In the middle of a vast grassland, a collection of stones has been overgrown with brambles and weeds. On top of this tumulus three trees are slowly dying, unable to get sap from their roots to their branches, because farmers removed a small layer of bark.

The film consists of a series of static shots, increasingly closer and closer to one tree. The lack of movement in the frame forms a stark contrast with the bucolic summer landscape. Everything seems frozen. The camera, starting with a broad view of the scene, ends the process of constant approach with a macroscopic close-up of the cut in the tree’s bark, at which point the camera’s technical powers fail to give us anything but a broken and blurred image. The inevitable decay of our field of vision is underpinned by the haunting sound of crickets.