Michel Lorand


Installation #3


Three installation #1 #2 #3were inaugurated on three different dates in three different locations: The old North Station (Martini Tower) in 2000, the Brussels Central Station in 2001, the South Station and the North Station in 2002.

This is an artistic concept around the North-South Junction in Brussels (structure 3 in 2002 coincides with the 50th anniversary of the North-South Junction).


The passageway’s themes and the “travelling” of the urban eye, to which the two previous Installation made reference, here find a physical expression. The train – it is not coincidence that the subject of the very first film is a key metaphor in any didactic explanation of the theory of relativity – is skilfully integrated here by Michel Lorand in the formal language that is his trademark, a language based on movement, perceptive transitions and on optical oscillations between transparency and reflection.

The film not only evokes the city with its strangely empty stations, but also transforms train travel into a game of lightning and reflections between camera lens, train windows that cross each other and neon lights affixed to the tunnel’s pillars. In the same way as rails are installed to achieve travelling shots or that a film reel resembles a railway line, Michel Lorand brings back his railway travel, filmed with a video camera, to a game of optical stimuli and urban travelling.” Steven Jacobs

Installation #3