Michel Lorand


Installation #2


Three installation #1 #2 #3 were inaugurated on three different dates in three different locations: The old North Station (Martini Tower) in 2000, the Brussels Central Station in 2001, the South Station and the North Station in 2002.

This is an artistic concept around the North-South Junction in Brussels (structure 3 in 2002 coincides with the 50th anniversary of the North-South Junction).


A collection of 42,000 photos (the daily turnout in this Central Station tunnel) was produced so as to cover a full week, from Monday to Sunday, in 42,000 moments determined in accordance with almost automatic and regular time distribution.

These photos reproduced on transparent films, so as to show all the details of the site’s architecture, are applied over the entire wall and floor surface of this covered passageway. The yellow double-sided adhesive, used for gluing the visuals, gives a chromatic unity to the entire structure.

The layout of the photos in space, is calculated in accordance with the ceiling lights (only lighting source), placed crosswise in relation to the pedestrians’ path and this over its entire length of approximately 150m of tunnel.

For a brief moment, the human flux stopped and focused on the abstract Rorschach blots made up by the infinite juxtaposition of those photographs arranged in chronological order.

Installation #2