Michel Lorand


Cut (installation)



Cut was first presented at argos in Brussels, as an installation that occupied the entire exhibition space (from 6.11.2004 to 9.01.2005). Like Medea, the installation consisted of what might be termed four “layers” of meaning. To start with, six monitors were scattered in random fashion at floor level. Six unedited colour films, projected in real time, took the visitor on six walks through the urban chaos of Shanghai, filmed with a hand-held camera.

Simultaneously, on a large screen that appeared to be floating at the back of the room, the film Cut was projected in its original version, i.e. not re-filmed. The text was delivered in Chinese. On a second screen, placed symmetrically opposite the first one, the complete text was projected in a single static image, white letters on a black background. Finally, the translated text appeared as subtitles, accompanying the voice’s rhythm, on the wall connecting the screen showing the black and white film and the screen showing the static text. The motion of the text seemed to link together the disparate elements of the installation. Once again, as with Medea, the translated text was printed in a booklet available on a nearby table – also part of the installation.

Cut (installation)