Michel Lorand


Camera Obscura (installation)



Like Cut, the film was first shown as an installation of the same name, at Het Kabinet in Ghent (from 18.02.05 to 03.04.05). Unusually for this “showcase gallery”, whose interior is generally inaccessible, a gigantic black box was installed in the exhibition space by Michel Lorand, an architectural structure into which visitors could go as into an “image box”. The black chamber was connected to the street by a walkway which spanned the white gallery space; a large door with a circular hole at the centre led into the chamber. The two or (maximum) three visitors who could be accommodated in the intimacy of this “camera obscura” would find the film described above projected inside, with the older woman’s voice as a background. The young woman’s voice answered from outside the dark room, from the brightly-lit whiteness of the gallery.

Camera Obscura (installation)