Michel Lorand




Video film, format 16×9, black and white, dialogue in English, French or German, 8’50

As if to mark time, Epilogue begins with the technical credits usually found at the beginning of a film. Then comes the title, followed by a film “without pictures”: blank film that has not been cleaned. Once again the soundtrack features the voice of a woman talking about the persistence of memory, and the difficulty of living with the indelible memory of ones entire past life. When the text ends, the film continues for a few seconds in silence, ending with a clean break before going black. Epilogue, the final film in Michel Lorand’s series of “3 short stories” is the most intimate of the author’s works, and also unquestionably the darkest. It expresses the deep sense of helplessness that assails the characters in the trilogy, and their total inability to connect with one another. The blankness of the imageless film does not signify purity or emptiness. On the contrary, it refers to the extreme state of saturation induced by the events of a lifetime; these finally superimpose themselves and merge into the colour which is by its nature a mixture of all the other colours – white.