Michel Lorand


Camera Obscura (film)


Video film, format 16×9, black and white, dialogue in English or French, 5’20

Michel Lorand filmed Camera obscura at night, at the wheel of a car, on an empty, unlit road. Then he projected the nocturnal images on to a wall and re-filmed them with a hand-held camera. In a very slow, undulating tracking shot, the camera zooms in on the projection (at the beginning the reflection of the screen in the glossy floor of the projection room can still be seen) so that the spectator feels physically drawn in to this hypnotic image, engulfed. A young girl and a mature woman speak a text which evokes the relationship between light and dark: seeing and being seen. The text is not strictly a dialogue; it could even refer to the same person at different times of her life.

Camera Obscura (film)